Deal Studio focuses on meeting the needs of our clients by offering select tools that have been carefully chosen to streamline operations and functionality.

DEALTRAX® is an office management system exclusively created for business transaction professionals from the experts at Business Brokerage Press, Inc.  We’ve found this system has greatly assisted our clients, and we’d love to introduce you to it.  Please call us at 1-800-239-5085 if you have any questions about how to integrate DEALTRAX®.

DEALTRAX® allows for buyer and seller management, interactive online communication, sharing of confidential files, automatic matching of buyers and listings, managing and connecting your entire office, integration into your website, allowing agents to work from anywhere without limitations.  Most of all,  every detail of the transaction process is carefully tracked so all work is documented and protected.

DEALTRAX® is built on 76 years and 4 generations of business transaction experience and knowledge. This high level of experience was programmed into DEALTRAX® and so it knows the work you do and assists you at every stage. Impressively, DEALTRAX®  keeps track of every deal.  It organizes your busy day so that you have more time to focus on what you do best- selling businesses.

DEALTRAX®. Where Deals Come Together.™

Featured system highlights include:

-Thanks to DEALTRAX®, you can track and manage all data on every listing, every buyer and every detail

-Improve your record keeping across the board as DEALTRAX® logs all transaction communications

-With DEALTRAX® it is now possible for all all agents in office to work together and stay on the same page, while at the same time giving each agent unique permissions and ownership of their listings and buyers.

-Centralize both your buyer and listing databases for easy access and searching from anywhere.

-The power of DEALTRAX® allows you to automatically matches buyers and prospective businesses for sale and creates a relationship between the two for easy prospect tracking.

-Want to see even more information?  See every buyer prospect for every listing and every listing interest for every buyer.  Additionally, see what level of access buyers have to each listing and get notified when their permissions expire.

Ease of Use Via the DEALTRAX® Dashboard

The DEALTRAX® dashboard gives the office owner an up to the minute snapshot of their entire business including such key details as:

-Listings about to expire

-New listings and price changes on current listings as well as listings recently renewed

-Access to system preferences, user accounts, and management rights of all buyers and listings

The DEALTRAX® Agent Dashboard gives each agent an up to the minute snapshot of their business activity, schedule, tasks, client messages, and buyer listing requests, plus:

-Price updates on all office listings

-Postings of new office listings

-Listings about to expire as well as listings recently renewed

-Tasks and appointments

-Makes training new agents fast and easy as DEALTRAX® gives structure and application to business brokerage training and theory.

Pricing: $39 per deal maker per month