Welcome to Hearing Asset Advisors

Hearing Asset Advisors was formed to provide a better model for supporting independent hearing care practices as they consider liquidity events, on the terms that are right for each client practice on an individual level. Founded by two hearing industry executives who have worked with some of the fastest growing and most influential groups in industry, Hearing Asset Advisors offers a different model for supporting independent hearing care practices. Whether the future holds an practice acquisition or sales transaction, Hearing Asset Advisors is uniquely positioned and exclusively focused on guiding the independent practice owner though those transactions and the important steps that lead and follow.

Our Advisors are all industry professionals, with years of clinical and business support experience, who tailor their support services to the needs of the client practice individually and with full customization. There is no shared-brand, no private label, no obligation of any sort, and no cookie cutter one-size-fits-all approach. Hearing Asset Advisors is committed to promoting, preserving and protecting independent hearing care practices, with the sole objective of increasing the value of the practice asset leading to an eventual liquidity event or following such a transaction.

Meet the Team


Jonathan McGiverin


Jonathan McGiverin founded Hearing Asset Advisors LLC (HAA) in 2009 to support independent hearing care practitioners transitioning through the business lifecycle. With over 15 years of practice management experience, he has worked with hundreds of audiology/hearing aid private practices.

Many practice owners at all levels call Jonathan the cornerstone of business intelligence. Practices pursuing real advancement tout his honest and transparent approach.

When Jonathan is not directly consulting or guiding his team, you can find him coaching and delivering lectures focused on practice growth strategies and financing to Audiologists.

Jonathan oversees HAA’s strategic direction and delivery of Medical Practice Transitions (Valuations, Contract Negotiations, Buyer/Seller Relations), Value Growing Services (Practice Management, Marketing, Asset Management, Pricing and Selling Strategies, Operations, Human Resource Development), and Market Development Strategies.

Jonathan understands the process of developing a practice from infancy to exit. Jonathan’s clinical and business support experience uniquely enables him to guide the clinic owner through each critical stage.

Jonathan earned his BA from Marylhurst University in Organizational Communication, Public Relations and Organizational Communication. 

He currently lives in Charlotte, NC, with his wife, two children. Jonathan loves landscaping his property to golf-course perfection in his free time.


David McGiverin

Senior VP

David McGiverin is the Senior VP of Hearing Asset Advisors (HAA). He is currently responsible for the company’s staffing and critical projects, including HR and customer events, ensuring community building within our customers and teams. David is uniquely qualified to bring about change-leadership while growing communities of businesses.

David works with audiology practices to improve patient flow and operational excellence. David’s history of deploying lean thinking with fortune 500 companies, coupled with his love of people, uniquely positions him to help your team find their rhythm. David is here to help you with your patient flow, human resource guidance, talent acquisition, coaching, conflict resolution, and process improvement needs.

Before joining HAA in 2018, David was CEO/President of Food Northwest (Formally Northwest Food Processors Association) and NWFPA-ERI (Industry Educational Foundation) from 2014-2018. David was responsible for developing, directing and executing annual strategies on behalf of an 18-member board of directors composed of global, national and regional food brands.

As CEO, David led the 18-Person board on strategic planning and a highly professional team of issue managers and directors. They supported 400 member companies to navigate and influence positive outcomes on nearly 300 adversarial legislative bills per session, and

10-20 rulemakings in any given year. His responsibilities also included strategic direction and execution of one of the nations’ largest food processing expos, serving 5000 industry visitors over three days with programming for education, equipment, and industry networking opportunities.

Before becoming CEO David worked for a Food Northwest Subsidiary NWFP- Innovation Productivity Center. His team advised and consulted with around 200+ small, medium and large global food companies on lean manufacturing strategies including strategic planning, metrics, supply chain, logistics, productivity, and regulation. 

When David is not working with practices or spending time with his wife and three daughters, you can find him producing and publishing music for the dance floor.


Andrew Lockhart

Director of Finance and Accounting

Practice owners tend to struggle with understanding financials; However, Andrew Lockhart has the rare ability to take complex financial data and communicate it in a way that helps you understand your current situation and uncover future opportunities that lead to more profitability. Andrew is always ready to coach you through your finances and help you plan for your future.

 Before Joining HAA, Andrew worked with Compass Group, supporting 100+ business units, which included balance sheet review acting as the key link in a chain of communication between units and senior management, ensuring accounting was done properly in accordance with GAAP and Compass policy.

Andrew attended Wingate University, Wingate, NC where he earned his Masters of Accounting and B.S.in  Accounting with minors in Mathematics and Economics. 

When Andrew is not working, he’s a theme park thrillseeker known to drive 12 hours…


Ryan McKinnon

VP Sales

Ryan McKinnon is Vice President of Sales for Hearing Asset Advisors (HAA). Ryan is responsible for connecting you with key solutions to expand your audiology practices’ effectiveness and growth opportunities.

After walking into thousands of clinics and interviewing practice owners and staff, Ryan knows how to help your team excel.  He is passionate about bringing  fun back into the culture of your practice and connecting you with proven strategies to reach your growth goals.

Before  joining HAA, Ryan was a  Business Development Manager for GN ReSound, where he was responsible for setting up financial partnerships with hearing aid practices, ear, nose, and throat clinics. 

When he’s not bringing fun back into the culture of your practice, you can find Ryan spending time with family, Staci, Max and Phoebe, fishing, or watching football!

He has a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration from the State University of West Georgia.


Chris Herbein

Business Development Advisor

Chris Herbein is a Business Development Advisor to Hearing Asset Advisor (HAA) accounts. He is responsible for creating individualized business plans, training and development, and helping business owners execute strategies necessary to succeed. Chris is also instrumental in performing business valuations and assisting with transitional services when a practice is looking to expand through acquisitions or sell to a new practice owner. 

With over a decade of experience in hearing healthcare, Chris joined Hearing Asset Advisors to continue his passion for consulting in Hearing Healthcare. Having spent time managing day-to-day operations and providing value-added business development services in multiple practice settings, he is a well-rounded professional that excels in all aspects of practice management. 

Before HAA, Chris spent time with two practice development companies in the industry and as a sales representative for a hearing aid manufacturer. He has the knowledge and experience to demonstrate what it takes to be successful in today’s ever-changing market. 

Chris earned his B.S. in Leadership and Consumer Economics from the University of Delaware.

Chris is married to his wife, Megan, and they share a home with one beautiful daughter and a rescue dog. With love for the outdoors, you can find Chris playing golf or fishing during his free time.


Eric Barnes

Marketing & Design Manager

Eric Barnes is the Marketing and Design Manager for Hearing Asset Advisors (HAA). Eric has spent 8+ years with HAA working intimately with practice owners, efficiently creating media to meet practice advertisement demands. Eric quickly customizes ad pieces that lead to increased inbound calls and leads. Eric prides himself on helping you hit tight deadlines and increasing patient opportunities. Eric works directly with practice owners/managers to plan, design, and deliver print and digital assets to fulfill their marketing needs. 

Before joining HAA in February 2015, Eric was a Senior Product Designer for Vigaro, a software company based in San Francisco. Here, he designed websites and applications to  help boutique retail stores with scheduling software needs, brand identity, and start-up assets.

Before Vigaro, Eric was the lead designer for Bigfish Screen Printing apparel company out of Springfield, Missouri. He worked with universities, sporting good retailers and charities to fulfill their textile design and print requirements.

Eric earned a B.A. in Fine Art and Marketing from Missouri State University.

When Eric is not spending time with his wife and three sons, he enjoys spending time in the gym working on personal fitness goals.



Chuck Dueber

Business Development Advisors

Working with Chuck can be a game-changer for your clinic and business. With over 15 years of experience and a strong character developed in the hearing aid industry, Chuck has the expertise and skills to drive your success. One of Chuck’s greatest strengths is his personable character, which allows him to build powerful connections with his clients. He is committed to your satisfaction and transforming your growth and success. Chuck will champion solutions tailored to your clinic’s specific needs by partnering with you. Whether developing strategic marketing campaigns, creating innovative business plans, or streamlining operational processes, Chuck’s comprehensive understanding of the hearing aid industry ensures that you receive invaluable insights and guidance for the best possible outcomes.

Chuck has an extensive network of contacts and continuously builds strong partnerships to reinforce your growth. This creates a high level of trust when making crucial business decisions. With Chuck by your side, you will be empowered to overcome challenges, explore new opportunities, and achieve your long-term goals.

Beyond his professional expertise, Chuck is dedicated to personal and professional growth. He stays updated on industry trends and developments, believing in continuous learning and seeking opportunities to expand his knowledge base. This ensures that he remains at the forefront of industry advancements and can provide you with the most up-to-date guidance.
Chuck’s extensive experience, unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, and passion for the hearing aid industry make him a trusted Business Development Advisor. His ability to forge valuable connections, offer strategic insights, and drive transformative growth will be invaluable to your organization or individual success.

On a personal note, Chuck enjoys a fulfilling life outside of work. He shares his home with his wife, Sue, their two sons, Joey and Riley, and their beloved dogs. Chuck indulges in his passion for sports, playing golf and hockey in his free time. He also cherishes family time, often taking leisurely walks with Sue while caring for their dogs.