What We Do

We deliver talent for your practice/clinic.

We will research your open roles, identifying qualified people, screen candidates, and provide support to you while you select your new hire.

Positions We Staff

  • Providers
  • Front Office Managers
  • Patient Care Coordinators
  • Administrative
  • Front Office Staff

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A meeting will be set with you to identify the needs and qualifications, and establish key attributes for the ideal candidate. Expectations such as time frame and the current talent market are discussed. Strategies are then developed to search for qualified candidates from both internal and external sources.

  • Recruitment Planning
  • Employment Needs Assessment
  • Compensation Plan Design


A comprehensive search to find top talent is conducted by Hearing Asset Advisors using proven recruiting strategies. Resumes are screened against defined qualifications. Pre-qualified candidates are interviewed. And qualified candidates are then presented to the practice.

  • Job Posting
  • Resume Screening
  • Pre-interview Screening
  • Applicant Management
  • Interview Scheduling


Interviews are scheduled and details are managed with both the candidate and the interview team. Hearing Asset Advisors continues to work as a liaison between candidates and the hiring practice.

  • Interview Scheduling
  • Candidate Assessments
  • Practice Baseline Fit Assessment


Hearing Asset Advisors facilitates the offer process and provides feedback to the candidates not selected. The recruiter provides assistance in transitioning candidates and/or employees to their new assignments.

  • Pre-Employment Verification
  • Background Checks- Education, Licensing, Employment History
  • 7 Year Comprehensive Criminal Background Check
  • Reference Checks
  • Offer Letter
  • Sample Non-Compete
  • Sample Non-Disclosure