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  • Professional advice as different as you are.

    Take Flight

 Tailored solutions to increase the value of your practice

Hearing Asset Advisors provides insight, support and advice to help independent hearing care practices increase the value of their practice asset. Services are 100% customizable and leveraged at the direction of the practice owners. With the end in mind, Hearing Asset Advisors offers tailored solutions to help increase the value of the hearing practice asset. There is no shared-brand, no private label, and no obligation.

Our Advisors are seasoned industry professionals with years of clinical and business experience to help independent practices on the terms they need and in the ways they want. While each practice uses us for different purposes, here is list of some of the more frequent support services:

  • Liquidity Events

    Liquidity Events (buying and selling practices) – Hearing Asset Advisors is the only group in the hearing care industry with a special emphasis in managing liquidity events like the selling or buying of a practice, and the only one specifically focused on helping do that exclusively for independent business owners. We have the resources and the capital to coordinate an effective and lucrative selling or buying transaction, no matter which side of that equation you’re on.

  • Asset Management

    Unlike most other groups who are only focused on increasing units sales to capture more margin, Hearing Asset Advisors is focused on building long-term relationships with our client practice that are supportive in growing and managing the practice asset. Our business model is fundamentally different than other industry groups, creating longevity and depth in the advisor role, unmatched in any other group or manufacturer relationship. Our support services are designed to build value leading into or following major liquidity events such as selling or buying a practice. We keep the end in mind.

  • Marketing

    Hearing Asset Advisors offers full and 100% customized marketing support for our client practices, including web & media, print & direct mail, patient collaterals and referral marketing. These services are designed to help strengthen the brand of the independent business owner aligned with their goals and vision, critical steps in increasing the value of the practice asset.

  • Pricing and selling strategies

    The competitive landscape has shifted, Hearing Asset Advisors will help you determine a strategy that is right for your practice and your individual market, and to help you maximize your care and treatment revenue opportunities. This is a fundamental process in increasing the practices valuation leading to or following a buy or sell type transaction.

  • Operations

    Our Practice Advisors have clinical and business expertise, and have been inside collectively hundreds of practices’ operations. Understanding the operational needs and providing insight to optimize them in specific ways that are right for your practice is a speciality of Hearing Asset Advisors.  These services focus on the value needed to optimize clinic performance and greatly increase the value of the practice prior to or following a liquify event.

  • Human Resources and Training

    Hearing Asset Advisors is unique amongst industry groups in that our advisors have both clinical and business experience. This enables them to help identify and develop the right skill sets amongst all officer personnel. We can help you with all aspects of human resources and training in a professional manner, helping you attract and retain the best employees. Having the right people in the right roles, work with the right directives will make for healthier practice. This is a critical need in any sales or acquisition transaction.

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