File sharing is so popular because it works extremely well.  One of the reasons that file sharing has grown so tremendously in recent years is that the standard methods of emailing confidential documents are quite problematic.  After all, email is not secure, nor trackable. Attachments are easily shared, and confidential, important files can often be far too large for email.

The great news is that online file sharing solves all of the aforementioned problems and gives you added functionality as well.  Thanks to the power of file sharing, your entire office can share documents pertaining to a listing as well as potentially confidential internal documents and important files.  It is important to note that with Deal Studio’s file sharing services, you control which agents, buyers, sellers or advisers can view, edit, upload and share your information, documents and potentially sensitive material.

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Key Service Highlights:

  • Create folders and sub-folders for every listing and control who has access to view, edit, upload, and share
  • Send notifications to all members of a folder when any new file is added
  • Send custom emails to all members of a folder any time you like.  This functionality is great for letting buyers know about a price change on a listing, etc.
  • View all folder members and their activity
  • View all contact’s activity on all listings
  • Receive notifications when a file is uploaded or downloaded, thus adding a important layer of security and information
  • Allow clients to upload files directly to their listing
  • Force buyers to register before viewing a folder as well as agreeing to your custom NDA*
  • Private label branding
  • Iframe code for adding login or file upload to your company website
  • Accessible via iPhone and Android Apps
  • Supported by BBP
  • BBP Professional Training Videos

Price: Starts at $39 per month for 3 users and 5GB of space

*Feature requires an account of $100 per month or higher

Watch our training video below to learn more (about 25 minutes)