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Budgeting: Integrating Goals and KPI’s into a 2024 Budget

Virtual Event Virtual Event

We are going to get into what information is needed for a budget and talk about how we will integrate goals and KPI's into it as well.  This will probably take around 30 minutes and the second 30 minutes will be for questions/discussion time. ID: rjo-dcdb-aeu Pin: 8988595871405 (US) +1 502-738-2112 Pin: 938719625

Managing to the Numbers

Virtual Event Virtual Event

This will allow us to take a deeper look into what the numbers mean, assess areas of opportunity, and manage the results or make necessary changes (for continued success) to stay on track to hit practice goals. ID: shn-imdy-rtg Pin: 7445930552368 (US) +1 530-994-2211 Pin: 749643171