Welcome to Hearing Asset Advisors

Hearing Asset Advisors was formed to provide a better model for supporting independent hearing care practices as they consider liquidity events, on the terms that are right for each client practice on an individual level. Founded by two hearing industry executives who have worked with some of the fastest growing and most influential groups in industry, Hearing Asset Advisors offers a different model for supporting independent hearing care practices. Whether the future holds an practice acquisition or sales transaction, Hearing Asset Advisors is uniquely positioned and exclusively focused on guiding the independent practice owner though those transactions and the important steps that lead and follow.

Our Advisors are all industry professionals, with years of clinical and business support experience, who tailor their support services to the needs of the client practice individually and with full customization. There is no shared-brand, no private label, no obligation of any sort, and no cookie cutter one-size-fits-all approach. Hearing Asset Advisors is committed to promoting, preserving and protecting independent hearing care practices, with the sole objective of increasing the value of the practice asset leading to an eventual liquidity event or following such a transaction.